About MTM

Our Mission


We provide excellent productivity, work beneficial to health and a high level of motivation in the company


02. Process Language

We use the MTM process language to design business processes and work systems efficiently and continuously improve them. 


03. Methods

With our methods we deliver objective results, provide high transparency and achieve with this broad acceptance of identified solutions. 

04. Customers

We guide our customers from analysis to implementation; our network of experts makes us a dependable partner and complete problem solver.

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Our mission is to become the premier provider of management systems, training, and services to the manufacturing, government, and service industries that will increase profitability for our clients and generate an on-going positive financial position for the MTM Association in order to further research and development.


MTM Conferences - 2014

work design productive and safe.

Knuth Jasker

Managing Director, Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH

Dirk Rauglas

Executive Director of the MTM Association

Mike Mitchell

Vice President of MTM Productivity Services Corporation​.

Since 1951, the MTM Association for Standards and Research has provided business and industry with innovative methodologies designed to help them improve profitability, productivity and quality